Which Technologies Are Driving the World of Online Casinos?

The technologies used to make online gambling possible have greatly evolved since the 1990s when an online casino was first introduced. At first, they were mostly focused on great visual and sound effect, etc. Now such innovations as face recognition, virtual and augmented reality shape the online gambling you can experience today. Today, let’s focus on face and gesture recognition and the ways it’s implemented in an online casino.

Facial recognition and its peculiarities

Facial recognition has become a trend and every company is looking for a way to benefit from it. Many smartphones, tablets, etc. now allot to unlock the devices and pay in stores. However, there is so much more one can get from it. Due to 3D scanners and cameras, facial recognition can now be used in numerous online industries. The app can recreate your exact virtual copy. You’ll use it as an avatar when you play online slots and card games at https://australiacasinoonline.com/. What’s more, the innovation allows the users to feel like in an actual casino. Use your avatar in various games and explore the online casino as if you are actually in it.

Another innovation in this industry is Intel’s RealSense 3D camera. The camera provides with an opportunity to adjust the expressions of the face in the game. It uses photos to create a video image of a user. Such customization expands the ways of implementation to numerous video games and other industries.

Gesture recognition and its implementation

Intel’s RealSense technology also deals with gesture recognition. It enhances your experience by letting you play with your hands or actually touch the controller. You’ll love the feeling when your movements start controlling the game and spin a roulette with a wave of your hand, etc. When this technology is combined with face recognition, the possibilities get endless.

All in all, these technologies are unique, complex, and are now used in various industries. However, their journey has only begun and will soon get even more complex, interesting, and useful. When used in online gambling, they are sure to create a truly exciting, intriguing, and outstanding experience. Even those who don’t tend to gamble will enjoy trying the newly created features.