March 31, 2020

The biggest failures in the world of technology of this decade

The recent decade has not only been about great inventions and happy people. It was also full of various failures and mistakes, especially in the world of technology. Such failures include burning batteries, Apple’s mistakes, and Google’s wrong decisions. Here are a couple of the worst failures of the previous 10 years.

The most widely spread fail was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Without a doubt, it was a wonderful gadget, until it began to explode. Almost one month after it has been released the device began to burst into flames. There were around 35 of such accidents. Which is why the company offered replacements for the phones. But, for some reason, the replacements also began to light up.

The fire phone. Remember the time when Amazon decided to create its own mobile device? Well, a very small amount of people remembers this, as it was a great failure. It was one of the worst devices with many problems.

Google’s messaging platforms. There have been so many of them in the previous decade. And the worst one among them was Google Hangouts. Then the company decided to invest in Allo, but it definitely wasn’t worth it.