March 31, 2020

Some Apple Watches stop working after updating to watchOS 5.1

As other products form Apple, its smart watches need to be updated from time to time. It increases their security, helps you to use new features and tricks, and protect them from viruses. However, such updates are often also the source of problems.

Many users report that after updating to watchOS 5.1 their devices stopped working. Their devices just got stuck in the middle of updating and shown only the Apple logo. As the result, they just couldn’t use these devices.

There is also a problem with charging, because if you started the update on a device that wasn’t charged well, you may not be able to charge it during the update process. It is a problem for those who don’t like charging their devices too often.

The process of updating took much more time that the company says is needed. Even restarting the device or the iPhone connected to it would not solve the problem. If you want to get new emoji or other features, you should wait until the release of the stable version of these updates.

If you are also a user of Apple Watch, you better hold and wait until the company will repair its updates. Developers removed this update, but if you downloaded it earlier and are going to install, it is not recommended until a more stable release.