Scientists have invented a portable device that will help you to cancel the body intoxication with one click

It is known that American scientists have begun to develop a portable appliance that allows you to automatically enter the antidote when detecting the body poisoning with opioids.

According to researchers of Indiana University, opioid users are usually single and wait for help from anywhere. That is why the development of a device that instantly recognizes the body intoxication with these substances and immediately delivers the antidote to the body according to scientists will soon become the most bought in the world.

According to the leading academic, as well as an assistant professor the antitoxin will be with you always and everywhere, it will provide you with a stable health state and enough time before the qualified doctors arrive.

Overdosing occurs when substances, namely opioids, give a signal to the brain receptors, which in turn regulate breathing, causing a person to suffocate from lack of air and die.

As for device functioning, it resembles the wearing of an insulin capsule. The device is placed on a belt and connected to a movable magnetic field generator, which is linked to a portable battery which you can wear wherever you want.

An invoice sensor that is placed on the chest all the time measures a person’s breathing rate and when the results are too low it drives the magnetic field generator by heating the medicine capsule in the body and releasing it in seconds. Undoubtedly, this invention will be in great demand and will save more than one life.