March 31, 2020

Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Pro | Leaked features and specifications

Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Pro | Leaked features and specifications

Quad-lens phone might be launched by Samsung in the nearest future (according to the preliminary information, it can happen on October 11). As for the name of the device, it is speculated that the phone may be called Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Pro. The company prefers not to share the details of the upcoming smartphone but some information leaked and here what we know so far.

According to our source, the phone will possibly have a fingerprint scanner, which will be placed on the back of the device. 6.28-inch screen is going to be Super AMOLED with an impressive full HD+ resolution. The main camera will be 24MP and 120-degree wide-angle lens is meant to be 8MP. There might be two zoom lenses, which can help improve background blur. One of them should be 10MP and another 5MP.

If to talk about potential downsides, the battery size of the smartphone remains the same and the camera is not going to be upgraded much.

All the information about a new upcoming Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Pro is rumored at the moment but overall, the phone should be close to what we expected from it. Judging from the concept image, the device looks attractive and is designed with the mid-range segment of consumers in mind.