OnePlus 6T may not have promised triple-lens camera

It is expected that OnePlus 6T will demonstrate us big changes but one of the most anticipated upgrades must be the triple-lens camera. However, according to the recent reports, this upcoming smartphone might have only two lenses. According to the rumors, one of the reasons for ditching the idea of integrating a camera with three lenses into the newest OnePlus 6T smartphone is the company’s policy of keeping the costs down.

The upcoming OnePlus 6T has an attractive design and sleek Android interface. Rumors suggested that the gadget will be without a headphone jack but will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. Even though some leaked images show that the phone has a camera with three lenses on the back similar to the Huawei’s P20 Pro, still it is not confirmed yet and it is more than likely that dual camera will remain.

The competition is tough and the triple-lens camera could make new OnePlus 6T stand out among the strong rivals of Apple, Sony and Samsung. Anyway, according to the preliminary reports, the company may launch the device on October 16. If that is true, very soon we will see ourselves whether the camera will be able to live to our expectations.