March 31, 2020

If you are an owner of a mobile device than you must know that every move of your phone and your moves are being tracked by a great number of various companies. There is not a single person out there that can be safe from this tracking, not even US President Donald Trump. And not even his phone, but also any phone of the government officials.

A couple of days ago, the New York Times has revealed unbelievable information about the fact that Android/IOS devices, especially those with a phone carrier, can be easily monitored by any person. This means that anyone can see what your current location is or where you are heading without you knowing it. And the worst part is that you don’t need to give permission or your consent to this action. People can even track the movements of the US President, by tracking the phones of his agents. Not only the president can be tracked, but also any of the government officials. And this means that any person in the world can also be tracked. Doesn’t this frighten you? Well, it did scare us for sure.

We checked and found out that the Constitution does have a rule and doesn’t allow companies to share such data without a warrant. But, still, there are no rules that limit the way they use that information.