iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max | Impressive new camera tech

We all know that for a long time cameras were simply a pleasant addition to the phones and we did not expect too much from this feature. However, nowadays developers realized the importance of the good quality phone camera since we keep our gadget with us most of the time. As a result, today some of the cameras can compete with the professional photographing devices.

Let’s check the camera credentials of the newest versions of iPhone:

  • There are two rear cameras that received upgraded sensors comparatively to the iPhone X. Improved optical image stabilization, a 12MP wide-angle lens, a 12MP telephoto and an improved True Tone flash are really worth the attention.
  • The front camera is 7MP with a faster sensor that helps get a better selfie.
  • Clever HDR which allows making double, triple and even quadruple takes. Precise detection of the movement helps capture the action in the form of four shots. In addition to this, there are secondary frames created thanks to the variety of exposures to bring out lights or shadows.
  • After the photo is taken, the aperture can be adjusted from f/1.4 to f/16. A slider at the bottom of the screen allows you to adjust the background blur.
  • iPhones of the new generation step ahead of the predecessors in terms of the color tones and this especially can be observed in the challenging conditions.