iOS 12 update for Shopify increases AR purchasing support for 600,000 places

Increased possibilities right in your browser. These days Spotify has started a new policy, now you can shop directly from your Safari. To be more precise, this means that all the online shopping places that are on Spotify grant you the ability to look through all the production without any additional application.

There is a released already trailer from Spotify that reviews a product so that you are fully aware of all the shape and size of the product before it is delivered to your door.

When you think about the use of this feature, the opinions may vary, since it all depends on the retailers. The thing is that the function is only available for Safari so if you use Chrome there is no real difference for you as the feature is not available. However, Google is currently trying to introduce AR into the Instant application that will transform Spotify shopping places into similar apps.

It is a known fact that Spotify is one of the largest platforms and supporting it will grant Apple a lot of advantages. Yet, a couple of questions are still hanging in the air, and one of them is whether the store owners will be able to deal with the functionality and integrate.