March 31, 2020

How to get rid of Find My iPhone tracking feature

How to get rid of Find My iPhone tracking feature

Find My iPhone is a very useful option offered by iOS devices and many of us used it to track down our favorite gadget. The unfortunate situation can happen to anyone when we forget where we left our electronic friend. However, there are cases when you no longer need this feature and prefer to disable it.

Perhaps, you decided to gift, erase or sell your smartphone so turning off Find My iPhone tracking feature is a must and it can be performed without too much hassle.

Removing the tracking feature on iPhone or iPad

Choose Settings and find your name. Go the iCloud option and then to the Find My iPhone part. Move down to find the toggle and click it to deactivate the tracking.

Removing Mac

Go to the top left corner and press logo in order to access the full menu. Press System Preferences and get to the iCloud option. In the section Find My Mac, use toggle for deactivation.

Removing AirPods or Apple Watch 

In the case of AirPods or Apple Watch, you will have to go online and using your Apple ID, sign in to Select a gadget that you have decided to disconnect. There has to be Find My iPhone feature with the option to remove from the account. Pressing the button will get your gadget disconnected from the tracking tool.