How to clean your smartphone safely and effectively

Nowadays, such an electronic device as a smartphone stays with us the majority of our waking hours. It stays with us almost everywhere and we repeatedly touch it so it is natural that the gadget becomes covered in bacteria and germs. The fact that we do not see them does not mean that harmful microorganisms do not live there. A regular quality cleaning of your mobile is a must if you want to avoid a health hazard.

Here is one of the effective ways of cleaning your phone using which can give a piece of mind, at least for a certain amount of time.

First of all, turn off your phone, remove a protective case, detach earphones and unplug charger or data cable.

The solution that you will use is a mixture of water and 70% isopropyl alcohol with the ratio of 60:40. Get a small amount of the mixture onto non-furry cloth, which is made of microfiber (preferably). Make sure that the cloth does not have too much liquid on it and start carefully wiping the phone surface (front and back). Leave the device for about 15 minutes to dry and only after that you can turn it on and continue using.

There are many other methods of cleaning your smartphone but please be aware that whatever way you choose, be careful since you will do this at your own risk.