Google Pixel wireless charging stand leaked before the launch event

The smart wireless charger has leaked ahead of its release date on October 9. Google Pixel Stand is reportedly an official wireless charging stand for the upcoming smartphones of Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

There should be a hidden USB-C connector but the wireless function of this charger can make it perfect desktop or nightstand companion to your device. It is assumed that the Pixel Stand will be able to offer up to 18W of power making the accessory capable enough of fast wireless charging.

From the first look, the charger looks really sleek and attractive. According to some sources, the product might offer expanded notifications and the opportunity to use Google Assistant without unlocking the smartphone. Instead of the standard static lock screen, the dock can show photos or create a slideshow. It can display notifications for the alarms, messages, music or calendar events.

Besides Google Pixel wireless charging stand and two forthcoming smartphones, we expect to see Google Home Speaker at the launching event. The Google Home Hub is said to have a 7-inch display in the shape of a tablet together with the Google Home speaker stand.