March 31, 2020

Facebook is going to stop the use of phone numbers as a friend’s recommendation

In the following year, the Facebook company claims to stop using people’s phone numbers in the system as a recommendation for adding new friends. The reason for such a change is that the company is concerned about the privacy of its clients.

Also, users will be able to choose to have a code sent to their phone so that it will be harder to hack their accounts. As most of the social media platforms now begin to offer two-step authentication, which is why this company has decided to do the same.

Currently, Facebook, as well as its messaging app Messenger, uses its client’s phone numbers to suggest the ones that the person listed in the phone book as a recommendation to add to the application. But in 2020, as the company has promised some changes will be made, so that the company will definitely stop using the phone numbers of its users as a method of advertisement. Moreover, in the next couple of days, the company will already stop using phone numbers as a recommendation method in some countries, including in Libya, Cambodia, and others.