March 31, 2020

Apple officially announced the purchase of Shazam

Apple officially announced the purchase of Shazam

Back in December 2017, Apple announced the purchase of Shazam, the popular music recognition service. It is now officially confirmed that the company owns this platform.

Shazam was launched in 2002 in the United Kingdom as a phone service. The customer had to dial a four-digit number 2580 and after thirty seconds of system’s listening to the sounds of music, the details of the song were texted to the caller. Nowadays, Shazam is an extremely popular smartphone application and it can take up to five seconds to recognize a particular song.

Shazam is known worldwide so the deal might be lucrative for the Apple firm. Potentially, there are several ways of how the service can be incorporated into the Apple gadgets. Siri is already using Shazam but the potentially deeper amalgamation can help develop Siri’s song recognition feature.

Completing the acquisition of the song identification app and expanding use of the software is very likely to help Apple successfully compete with the rival music service Spotify. Apple continually improves current products while regularly introducing innovations and the smart use of such powerful and intelligent machine like Shazam can strengthen the positions of the company even more.