March 31, 2020

Apple AirPower Charging Pad | Speculations and predictions

Apple AirPower Charging Pad | Speculations and predictions

Some of those who have already managed to get their hands on the Apple iPhone XS discovered an interesting information in the owner’s manual. There is an explanation of how to charge the smartphone with the help of the AirPower wireless charging mat the release date of which was not even officially announced yet.

Apple AirPower is a long-anticipated product. The launch of this accessory was mentioned last year, but until now there was no any official information on the availability of the device.

There are many Qi-certified charging pads on the market that provide a decent quality but Apple AirPower is supposed to surpass them all. One of the advantages that should make the mat stand out is the size, i.e. the pad has to be big enough to be able to charge 3 gadgets at the same time. For example, iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods are meant to be easily placed onto the charging accessory. AirPower is supposed to function regardless of the different wattage of the gadgets. However, it is possible that the delay of the product launch took place due to the complexity of charging the multiple devices.

One of the sources mentioned that the product might not be the most successful Apple device since it produces too much heat while charging several gadgets at once. This, together with a number of other technical issues, can be the reason why the launching of the product was significantly delayed.