Another strong magnetic field from MagLab

Scientists working at the MagLab of the University of Florida set a new record for the strength of a permanent magnetic field generated by a new electromagnet with superconducting windings. Earlier, the laboratory managed to generate an electromagnetic field of up to 45 Tesla.

This time, their new electromagnet has achieved 45.5 Tesla. It doesn’t feel like a huge breakthrough. However, the given scientific achievement gives green light to the creation of even more powerful electromagnets built around superconductivity.

We should note that scientists have long been creating strong magnetic fields by means of inductors, dubbed solenoids. When an electric current passes via the coil windings, it creates a magnetic field. An increase in the current flowing through the windings results in an increase in the generated magnetic field.

By the way, its size doesn’t even exceed a beer glass. As for its superconducting windings, they’re made of a new material REBCO that tend to be superconducting at a higher temperature.

Such powerful magnetic fields are utilized in basic scientific research, in particular, the study of the properties of new materials.